minibus hire for work

Getting to where you need to be with minibus hire

Company Minibus Hire

Looking for a local minibus hire establishment is a great way to assure a large company of being able to collect all of their staff and drop them off reliably on a day to day basis. If you operate a company which still uses a 24 hour production line and rely on your staff being able to come in on time everyday then Brit Coaches can help you ensure all staff arrive on time everyday.

We have worked alongside many companies in the past to allow them to provide reliable staff a travel option on a shift basis. We will ensure we have a minibus travel option for them during the day at the start and end of every shift. Be it 2 am or 6 am, 8pm or even 10pm then Brit Coaches are able to provide you with the right minibus hire solution for your company.

Working in local and rural areas we appreciate the requirement to get staff to your chosen location and to also drop them off after there shift.  With years of experience we are able to work alongside your company to find a location that works for the main staff and we can even arrange multiple drop collections and pickups for your staff.

Local Minibus Hire

We have minibus bases in Birmingham, Halesowen, Dudley and Wolverhampton.  We are a time served company supplying travel solutions to many areas on a regular, new and historic basis.  Previously supplying travel to and from Birmingham Airport and other local stations we have recently found that there is a niche market in supplying local companies with a means to commute there staff to and from work.  Low paid staff working unreliable hours on zero hour contracts find it difficult to keep and maintain a car and with that find it hard to get in to work reliably and on time when depending on public travel.

Brit Coaches Minibus hire

Brit Coaches have designed a tailored solution to zero hour workers not being able to get to work continue during tough working hours. There is a new portal on there site which enables large companies to access a 24 hour “get to work” feature. This will book a minibus for your staff to be collected from a desired location and get them into work for you.