Sporting Event Minibus Hire

Sporting events are often some of the most important on the social calendar. Whether it be a match involving your favourite football team or less regular events, such as Wimbledon, they are always a time for people to gather together in support (or opposition!) of a team or individual. Others simply enjoy the competitive aspect and the skill involved. Brit Coaches offers a minibus hire service that will ensure that you get to the event of your choice on time and in style. A trip to a football match is child’s play with Brit Coaches. Simply book our service and we will pick you up and get you there in plenty of time for the beginning of the event. We will even pick you up and bring you back home if you would like us to.


Our service isn’t restricted to events in Midlands. After all, how would a person be able to support their favourite sportsmen and women if they are unable to follow them when they are on their travels further afield? Our minibus or coach hire service can transport you, your friends and your luggage to almost any sporting event in the UK.


We are also able to cater for larger groups of fans with our coach hire service that can provide a service for up to 53 people per coach. Perfect for those longer journeys to the edges of the country and back! All of our coaches come equipped with a range of features to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible, such as reclining seats, air conditioning and on-board toilets.


Our experienced drivers are more than happy to help with anything you need and will always be punctual and extremely efficient. So if there’s a sporting event that you would like to get to and you’re worried about the travel, simply call Brit Coaches and we will arrange a transport service that is of the highest quality at an affordable price.

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